An Obsession with Tomatos

An Obsession with Tomatoes

I have an obsession with tomatoes. Last year 10 tomato plants seemed like enough. I planted my first
in late April, a couple in May, and four in late July after the last of my spring crops were picked. By end
of the summer I had enjoyed many salads and meals of tomatoes. In late October I had 100s of green
tomatoes which I pickled. Luckily I know a thing or two about canning, no botulism here (some of my
fellow garden coordinators are living proof.) That wasn’t enough, you can ask my roommates, who
suffered through me processing a 60 pound case of tomatoes from Russos, enough for jars of sauce,
salsa, and jam to last me the winter.

From year to year my father and I will start our tomatoes from seed. This year after looking through
a seed catalog I circled 7 varieties I thought would be good for my garden with a note that said “my
suggestions.” Well my father took my suggestions quite literally and bought all 7. That led us to plant 6
plants of each of the 7 tomatoes, 42 in total. Of that 28 survived to make it under our grow light. At this
rate I’ll have at least 14 tomato plants this year. I think that will be enough, however I’m still thinking
about buying another case of Russos. For now I just need the weather to warm up a bit, until then I will
enjoy my last two jars of salsa!

Mike W